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How the Hell do you Start a Blog?

I’m a person of extremes. I’m going to wear sweats, workout clothes and a ball cap or formal attire. What is the point of the in-between? If I can’t look like Gisele in a bathing suit (which I damn sure can’t), I don’t want to wear one. I can go from binge eating on cookies, donuts, entire cakes, pasta, and fried chicken for a solid week (well, if I am being honest, three solid months at one point in my life) to claiming that I’m doing a liver cleanse the next day.

If I had McDonald’s for breakfast, I already screwed up, so I might as well finish strong and eat crap the rest of the day. I’m a go big or go home person. Most of the time, I just want to go home and take off my pants, but when I do something, I try to go all out! Going all out usually means I end up crashing and burning and adding another “Oh crap, I screwed that up, my bad” to the list.

What is this blog going to be about? No clue. In fact, my anxiety is so high right now I’m not even sure what I’m saying or what year it is. A certain president and I have that in common. It’s very hard to start something. What if my first blog post is so bad that people don’t read any other posts... what if my blog is so bad people think my book will be equally as bad and won’t buy it? These are my anxious ruminations, and all this talk has made me eat my feelings by way of fried chicken and donut holes!

Eating my feelings with donut holes

Don’t quit on me. If you were to compare my writing to a baseball pitcher, I’m more of a closer than a starter. I want this to be a space in which you can laugh, cry, vent, connect, relate, and make yourself feel better about you by witnessing how much I suck at adulting!

Aside from the introduction, if you need to know a bit more about me before you dive into reading weekly blogs and/or consider buying my book, here goes…I’m an Aries, I like long walks on the beach, puppies, kittens, candy…okay let’s get personal from the start. I’m a person of extremes, so there will be no small talk; let’s go for it!

Anxiety and OCD are my besties
Meet my besties Anxiety and OCD

Anxiety is my best friend; we have been friends since I was six. Another one of my good friends is OCD, and he can be a real SOB most days. I was blessed with a sense of humor which allows me to laugh at my shortcomings and helps me manage the relationship I have with the two above friends.

I’d like to share stories with you about my life, lessons I have learned, failures I have had, in hopes of helping you deal with your shortcomings, imperfections, and stressors in your life too. We all have them. Most days I feel like a hamster running on a wheel getting nowhere in my journey and fight against my weaknesses.

Hamster on a whell

However, some days I use my eyebrow pencil correctly and feel super accomplished and on track, then I realize I’m at a formal event wearing a sports bra, and I’m right back on the wheel! Instead of hiding behind the façade of our “best version of ourselves” on social media, why not talk about it?

So that is what this blog is going to be about. I’m here to make you laugh and to help you get through the tough days. I’m also here to talk about the things people don’t talk about, like what is the key to true happiness and why do we call chicken poultry, why not just chicken? So, stay the course with me, and let’s see where this goes. I have no idea what I’m doing, but then again, if we are honest with ourselves, most of us don’t either.

Ginny ♥

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