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Introduction to Ginny

My name is Virginia Andrews, but I go by Ginny. Both names have issues. When I was a child, I got called “virgin” or “vagina.” The bullying continues in my older age when Southwest Airlines shortens my name on my luggage tag to “Virgin Andrews,” and I get major glances and whispers. Ginny is good; however, many will mispronounce this as “guinea,” and I feel like an unwanted pet. Let’s be honest, anyone who had a Guinea pig growing up was given this pet because your mom or dad didn’t want to mess with a dog or cat. The joke is on them though because those furry little bastards live forever!

I’m in my forties, but I live like I’m twenty-two (minus the clubs) and pretend that I am! This

works well until someone asks me if I have kids in college—I’m reminded that I’m old, and I

don’t have kids! Currently single, my fridge looks like a college boy’s would with just drinks and cheese, and cooking for me involves a microwave. I hate dressing up, so I rock sweats, hoodies, flip flops, and workout clothes with ball caps. To clarify, my workout clothes don’t match those of my fellow gym goers in their LuLulemon™ attire. A raggedy T-shirt and Nike shorts are as good as my workout fit gets.

I guess you could say based on my lifestyle and wardrobe, I’m a pretty low-key, chill person. I’d like to think this; however, I’m sitting at a bar with friends worried about my garbage disposal.

I’m worried I will cut my finger off in it. In fact, every time I use the sink, I fear the disposal. My

friends tell me that normal people don’t fear garbage disposals on a regular basis, or half of the stuff I worry about minute to minute.

So, there you have it, I’m not normal, and I don’t “adult” well! This website is for the “un-

normal” people like me. The island of misfit toys, but there won’t be garbage disposal on this

island. I hope you can join me in living and laughing at our malfunctions.

I’ve been teaching high school for fifteen years, and now I’m trying to shift gears and start my

career as a comedian, author, and speaker. Beginnings are hard! My pledge is to make you

laugh and bring some joy to your day! This website will be the hub for all things as well as my

social media accounts. So, feel free to check it all out. I’m so appreciative of ya’ll (yes, I’m from Texas) reading this intro, and I look forward to connecting with you throughout this journey!

With love,

Ginny ♥

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